"Real Wood Box Beams"

Distinct Beauty, Custom Made



A hollow faux timber constructed to architectural specifications, box beams are a versatile choice in any application that does not call for a structural placement of solid wood. We offer custom options that transform design challenges into appealing architectural elements. Distinctive in how they address functionality and fashion, Wood Box Beams enhance an interior by blending architectural and design elements to create a space that balances aesthetic appeal with practical solutions.

Wood box beams are manufactured by Jackel Enterprises.
Our recycled, reclaimed and certified lumber can be found at WestCoastWoods.com



Primarily fabricated in a character grade Douglas Fir, box beams can be constructed from any wood specie, and designed with a variety of textures and finishes to complement and create an aesthetic element in any style of home.

Each box beams is custom crafted with a variety of finishes to complement your style. We take great care in properly preparing our wood for finishing. Be assured our box beams will be long lasting and durable. We offer a variety of BRIWAX finishes ranging from natural to very dark. You can also choose paint grade options to match more classic interiors.




Custom manufactured in a variety of textures, each Wood Box Beam is treated to your specifications. Our handcrafted textures include any combination of ADZ, draw knife, and wire brush. We also offer smooth and saw textures. Handcrafted textures create an ambiance of a Tudor or Mediterranean style. While a smooth or sawn texture gives a contemporary appearance.

We have manufactured box beams as long as 60 feet and as large as 30″ x 30″. Whether you are an architect, designer, developer, builder or homeowner, a Wood Box Beam can be the answer for your timber requirements.

Wood Box Beams Installations

Box Beam Install 1

Beach House Box Beams

Box Beam Install 2

Under Lighting Box Beams in a Kitchen

Box Beam Install 3

Hall Application with Electrical

Box Beam Install 4

Bedroom Install with Lighting

Box Beam Install 5

World Series Box Beams

Box Beam Install 6

Creative Cosmetic Over Structural

Box Beam Install 7

Living Room and Dining Room

Box Beam Install 8

Bedroom Installation for Lighting

Box Beam Install 9

Beautiful Finish

Box Beam Install 10

Offset with Channel Lighting

Box Beam Install 11

Box Beams with Sprinkler System

Box Beam Install 12

Outdoor Application with Heaters

Box Beam Install 13

Retail Store Application

Box Beam Install 14

Restaurant Hall Beams

Box Beam Install 15

Offset From Ceiling

Box Beam Install 16

Specially Crafted

Box Beam Install 17

Vertical and Horizontal Application

Box Beam Install 18

Impressive Dining Room

Box Beam Install 19

Creative Use of Space

Box Beam Install 20

Textured and Finished

Box Beam Install 21

Ceiling Treatment with Box Beams

Box Beam Install 22

Create a Beautiful Home